Friday, June 25, 2010

~Jeanette's Joint~ Opens a New Blog!


Thanks so much for stopping by the new ~JJ~ blog! It is brand new and not yet full of all the gushy goodness that is yet to come. Look for news about ~JJ~ including new apparel releases, fashion tips, updates and all sorts of thoughts and meanderings.

For those of you who are confused as to what all this is about:

~Jeanette's Joint~ is an in-world store of Second Life. You can play Second Life absolutely free - including downloading the Viewer client. Visit this link and learn all about it. Once you are there, you should check out the shop! It is located here, or you can search for it in-world in the Invergarry region. New avatars will find some great values here to help you look great without breaking the bank.

Of course, ~JJ~ is present on XstreetSL so you can see my listings without logging into Second Life. Remember that XstreetSL will soon be migrating over to the new SL Marketplace. I'll keep you posted as that news oozes out of the box. ;)

Keep your eyes on this blog for more news from ~JJ~!

Jeanette Doobie

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