Friday, December 10, 2010

~New Group / New Store~

The holidays are almost here and you may or may not yet be tired of hearing the same lines about that. Well, ~JJ~ is very excited about the holidays because of all that is going on at ~Jeanette's Joint~!

First, ~JJ~ has a new group in-world! YES! I know there was already a Quirx! group, but why on Earth would we want to ignore everything else and just focus on those cute furry orbs? They are great, aren't they? Their group is still around, so nothing has changed there. We've just added a new group for the store in general, so look for "~JJ~ Buds" in your groups search. It's FREE (of course) and is planned to be the gateway for release notifications as well as offers, discounts and promotions available only to group members.

Second, ~JJ~ has remodeled! I know in the title of this blog it says there is a new store, which is sort of true. ;) It's new in that it has been completely remodeled to have a much more sleek and elegant look! Check out this snapshot of the new place:

All of the items and vendors are still there. There's a new freebie bag with some household items in it on the front counter. You can see it next to the free box of pastries (Quirx-compatible) right near me! Hi there! :) The Lucky Chair has been changed to a Luck Board because I thought that not only did it look better that way, but using one prim is much better than using nine for the same thing. All of the prizes that were in there before are still there too!

So, is your landmark still going to work? Yes! It will take you right to middle of the lower floor. There is no need to update your LM. In case you don't have one, you can find ~Jeanette's Joint~ right here.

I have to give props to my peeps here, as this amazingly gorgeous piece of skybox architecture was designed by ~Ravish Builds~ and I can't say enough good stuff about their work. They even bracket their name inside tildes, and how cool is that!? ;) The skybox is called Tokyo Nights and can be found on the SL Marketplace along with their Lodo Loft which is a little more prim-heavy but oh so amazingly stunning! Search and purch., people!

Well, one more announcement, but I'll save that for the next blog...

Jeanette Doobie

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