Friday, February 18, 2011

~LumaTex/LumaLux~ Outfitters!


As usual, a lot (LOT) has been happening down at Jeanette's Joint! Yet another store has opened! This is more of an expansion, as it is directly above the ~JJ~ Tech Emporium in the Tron: Legacy Adventures sim. The new place is the ~JJ~ Tech Outfitter and looks supercool ~ as you can see!

~JJ~ Tech Outfitter ~ the newest addition!

The newest line of apparel is one of the primary reasons for having such a cool new place. Gotta show it off somewhere, right? Well, it's also still available at the ~JJ~ Feature Gallery as well as the original store, so where you go is up to you! You really should see them all, though ~ too cool to miss. ;)

The LumaTex / LumaLux line of apparel is a clothing line that works in a modular fashion ~ pun intended. All of the parts from one outfit can be mixed and matched with others from the line - so you can create your own look - just the way you want it!

~JJ~ LumaTex Body Suit MegaPack!

The guys shouldn't feel left out! There's a line for you too! The DuraTex / DuraLux series is the male counterpart to the Lum-series.

~JJ~ DuraTex Body Suit FatPack!

Ladies, you still have the advantage as there are plenty of accessories available to complement your Luma-attire!

~JJ~ LumaTex Skirts and Belt!

~JJ~ LumaTex Boots!

The options don't end there! Come by and see what's available. There's a combo for you! All you have to do is create your favorite look.

See you around the Grid!

Jeanette Doobie

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