Thursday, January 20, 2011



~JJ~ has big news and the best kind! A brand new (and quite large) store location is opening in SL!

The grand opening celebration is happening through next week but you can show up early and take advantage of the HUGE sale going on there right now. Selected items are on offer for big discounts and they are not to be missed! The sale is going on in the lobby of the new location and the rest of the store is open for business.

The new location is in Rosslyn and is set on a much larger parcel with many more prims to stretch out with. Almost all of the items in the store are in individual vendors and apparel items now offer individual color selection vendors so it makes browsing around much more comfortable. Several items have demos out and about too so you can see what the objects actually look like.

If you are reading this blog post after the sale, sorry you missed out, but it is never too late to join the ~JJ~ Buds group in-world to get the latest notifications and never miss another opportunity again! Sign up at the main store, other select locations or just search for the group with your viewer and sign up there.

In other news, ~Jeanette's Joint~ has released even more fun stuff in the ~JJ~ Tech line of products! Check them out in the SL Marketplace or, better yet, stop by the new store and see them in person!

I'll be seeing you around the grid!

Jeanette Doobie

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