Wednesday, January 5, 2011

~JJ~ Tech

~Greetings Programs~

Welcome to the new year and some exciting announcements from ~Jeanette's Joint~!

First of all, ~JJ~ has a brand new satellite store in-world in the Tron: Legacy Adventures sim! The ~JJ~ Tech Emporium has been open for a few weeks now and it is really starting to take off! This brings us to the second announcement:

~JJ~ Tech is a new line available from ~Jeanette's Joint~. You can find the whole ~JJ~ Tech line at the new store or you can visit the Main Store and see them there. They are upstairs as of now.

What's in the line, you may ask? Take a look!

Tron-inspired RC toys

The Circuit Staff and free accompanying animation kit

High quality Premium Identity Discs and the devious MCP (so much fun!)

The Beau Garrett - modeled Siren Gem Shape and the new top-selling Siren Shoes

FREE ISO wearable symbols - all at ~JJ~ Tech!

As always, the items available in-world are available in the SL Marketplace too! The only ones not available there are the free ISO symbols and Staff Animations. Those, at least for now, are exclusives only available in the new ~JJ~ Tech Emporium.

Remember, if you cisit the emporium, when you land in the sim, leave the bar, make a right and walk on down to the mall. You'll see ~JJ~ Tech on the right in the lower level.

There you have it! So much new stuff for the new year! Thank you all for a great 2010 and a very promising 2011!


Jeanette Doobie

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