Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~NEW~ Tintable Light Outfits!


In case you missed the past post - because it was small and quick - back up one to see the new ~JJ~ locations in-world! They are in some new and exciting places and feature all the latest ~JJ~ has to offer and the peeps who run the sims are very cool!

This post, however, is where you get to see the newest items released - and they are ~awesome~ to say the least!

The two new outfits - out now - are the AstraTex and SolaTex body suits. They are based on the LumaTex line but these ~include~ the skirt and belt components right out of the box! The ~JJ~ Beam Boots are sold separately, but are designed to work perfectly with either outfit.

The new apparel is completely tintable! It looks great no matter what color scheme you choose to fit your mood. I say color "scheme" because the base body suit is tintable separately from the light ,ines portions, so you can invent your own combinations to really give your light suit a unique look that is completely ~you~!

~JJ~ AstraTex Outfit

~JJ~ SolaTex Outfit

~JJ~ Beam Boots

Click the links to check them out in the SL Marketplace or give them a gander in-world! I'll be seeing you around the grid!


Jeanette Doobie

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