Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~Deadly Disc Combat Arrives~


You have been waiting for this for a long time. Now is your time!

The ~JJ~ Premium Combat Disc is complete and available for purchase! Fans of the original ~JJ~ Premium Identity Disc will be excited about the new features built into this battle-ready disc.

Combat is optional as the new disc can be worn completely for show, packed with tons of goodies for the avatar with a grid-oriented fashion sense. If you do want to battle against your opponents who also have the disc, you certainly can with as many players as you like! The new combat system was designed uniquely for this disc. An optional status display can be hidden for a more realistic approach to combat.

The disc is throwable and returns to you automatically. There are built-in failsafes that will return the disc even if it gets stuck on something in-world such as a sim that does not allow rezzing or a sim border. Even if SL eats your disc, you can reset the controls and throw another in no time! Besides that, the disc is copy and mod, so you can tweak and play without worrying that you will lose it or ruin it!

Besides it's mod ability, there are many features you can customize with the robust touch menu. It has 10 colors to choose from and 10 instant glow settings. You can turn the data display (different from the combat display) and the likeness display on and off, switch from dark to light disc (for all you Sirens out there), and much more!

Also, new to this disc - custom ANIMATIONS and SOUNDS! Watch your avatar throw and catch the disc, sheath and unsheath it (yes, it can do that!), and play several unique animations selectable from the menu. You will also see new animations for combat hits, derez hits and more! Hear the disc whizzing around and bouncing off of walls and obstacles. There are even sounds for many of the other features. Hear your opponents get slammed with a hit or derez!

A LOT went into this disc and it shows! Thanks to the popularity of it's predecessor, this disc is able to come out at a great price! For no more than the cost of a small upgrade, you can get the disc package brand new!

Take your themed avatar to the next level! You have been waiting and the wait is over!


Jeanette Doobie

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