Thursday, April 14, 2011

~Wiggle Layer~

~Greetings~ Linden Labs has adorned Second Life with a new viewer feature that adds a little "wiggle" to avatars! It is now possible to wear a "physics layer" on your alter ego that puts more than just a little swing in your step. A new life will come to your avatar's breasts, belly and buttocks when these slider-based settings are applied. Not all viewers have this feture built-in yet, but it is likely to catch on quickly. If there was ever an occasion to update to a newer viewer, it may be now. ~JJ~ has some plans for this layer and you will certainly see some bouncy goodies come out of it. So, what's in the works? As of now, the Global Proportions line is expected to receive some physics add-ons that will make those great shapes even better! What will the price be? Nothing! The new physics embellishments for your Global Proportions shapes is planned for a freebie launch! Why not make some stand-alone physics layers for any avatar? Simple. Every shape is unique. Tiny differences in proportions behave differently in RL physics, and the same applies to SL physics. ~JJ~ is committed to providing the best "bounce" for your buck - even if it is totally FREE! Other stores may have "generic" physics layers for you to use with your avatar, but it won't be custom-made JUST FOR YOU! In that case, you could just create a new physics layer on your own and play with the sliders and probably have better luck matching your avatar than any generic item out there. You can be confident that your physics will be made just for your Global Proportions shape - whichever you choose to wear! Be on the lookout for the releases as they are announced here, in the SL Marketplace or in-world! Better yet, join the ~JJ~ Buds group and receive your freebie upon release in the group notice! Aside from that, you will be kept up-to-date on all things ~JJ~ and be eligible for other promotional offers and freebies that others aren't! I look forward to seeing your new "wiggle" soon! ;) ~Love~ Jeanette Doobie

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  1. I'm sorry that whole blog entry came out as one big run-on paragraph. I edited it twice and, for some unknown reason, it refuses to show the line breaks! Hmph! Well, you get the idea. :)


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