Monday, July 4, 2011

~Something Stinks~

The newest release from ~Jeanette's Joint~ really stinks!

Flatulence is magic! At least yours can be with the ~JJ~ Fairy Princess Farts avatar add-on.

The customization menu is super easy to use to make your toots as unique as you are! It includes options for:
3 different animations
6 different sounds
12 lovingly-crafted visual styles
and the abillity to turn the cloud or sparkles on and off to give you just the right effect - or to go "real" with it!

Each pass of gas is charmed with delightfully noxious magic and two included gestures make passing gas as easy as the press of a button.

Hey boys, this is for you too! You don't HAVE to use the pink sparkly fairy gas if it's not MANLY enough for you - but you can if you wanna! ;)

Let your freak flag fly and cut the cheese with enchanted delight!

Just a reminder - you really should join the ~JJ~ Buds group in-world so you can take advantage of special deals like this one - all members got this shiny gem for FREE even before it hit the shelves!  ;)  Don't miss out again!


Jeanette Doobie

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