Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~Arena Time~

~JJ~ is always adding new stores!  Or so it seems, huh?  The newest is in a very cool spot too.  The Tron Arena - Extreme Club is home to the new Arena Supply shop where you can get a ~JJ~ Premium Combat Disc and all the other stuff to go with it - then, you can teleport up to the arena where there are tournaments and matches going on in heated disc combat!  There's other stuff to do there too - like a club that has frequent DJs, a mall (where you'll find the new store) and other neat-o things to do.  ~JJ~ products are highly featured there, so I know it's cool!  :)

Check it out and enjoy the newest Tron-themed area where you'll find those interested in all things Tron too!

Just today I visited the arena area where the programs are hard at work building the gorgeous Legacy-themed arena upgrade.  It looks amazing.  Soon it too will be ready for tournament combat.  It's very easy to get involved with this group.  There's very little to set up and combat is practically ready to go!  Bring a friend during down-time and you won't even have to wait for a tournament to get into the game.  No friend to bring along?  That's okay because chances are very good that someone is wandering around who would be more than happy to throw down at any time.  See you around the grid, program!


Jeanette Doobie


  1. Recently, the owners of the sim featured in this blog article changed some things around. My store is still there and the mall looks a bit sharper, but all the vendors have not signed back up for the new place yet and may opt out. This means less sci-fi and more ??? in the mall. The theme has been dropped and the club has been replaced by a strip club. No, not my favorite change in the world, but it's what the owners wanted to do and they have every right. So, while I'm still there, come by and see the store - it does look very cool! I am just not sure how long I will have it there. It depends on how well it is liked in its new surroundings.

    <3 ~ Jeanette

  2. Another follow-up: this location has closed. :( The owners of the sim decided to run with the strip club idea and discontinued all of the other activities there, so ~JJ~ has withdrawn from that district. It was fun while it lasted, but as ~JJ~ has no aspirations to become a stripper supply store, it's pretty much curtains for the Arena store. No worries, there are plenty of other seas for these fishes. ;)

    <3 - Jeanette Doobie


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