Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~Reptilian Goddesses Reign~

Their dominion is the Mystic Caverns.  They defend their kingdom with powerful spells.  They act as mighty and regal as they look.  They are the Serpent Goddesses and they are new to ~Jeanette's Joint~ in a new line of releases unleashed upon Second Life.

A first for ~JJ~, the Serpent Goddess line is a complete line of avatars and accessories that make everything available from head to toe and beyond!

Highlighting the new line is a series of 6 complete avatars.  Each is her own Serpent Goddess complete with absolutely everything to take you from Ruth to Ruler without needing a single other item!  Of course, you can add and mix anything you like from your collection, so you can customize your Goddess to your specific desires.

The full avatars available include the three sisters, Euryale, Stheno and the infamous Medusa.  Also making the lineup are Tiamat, Lamia and Wadjet.

Their high-quality skins are scaled and colorful from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes.

Each has a unique hairstyle of exquisite Flexi hair (Medusa's is sculpted) to complement the look.

The Serpent Goddess shape is alluring and regal and comes with an accompanying physics layer to give your reptilian ruler a little jiggle in all the right places.

Your look is accentuated with sculpted Serpent Fangs that show you mean business!

Likewise, a Serpent Tongue is included that is animated on Flexi prims to give you a very realistic flicking-tongue feature that no reptilian avatar should be without.

Each comes with a unique outfit custom-taylored for her personality.  Some, like the Tiamat Wrap, are available in several color options (separately from the avatar packs) or in FATpacks because you have to have them all!

The outfit also includes a signature bikini lingerie ensemble to show off those sexy scales.

The eyes that are included in the set are exciting reptilian eyes that can be used with the "noon" setting with light sclera or the "midnight" option with dark sclera.

The Serpent Goddess Boots are a smart design that matches the outfit and can be used with a host of other wardrobe options in your favorite outfits.

Each avatar also comes with an Ethereal Staff that sports a detailed design and has an optional colorful magic burst of animation and particles.  There are several stand and walk animations built-in to keep your staff-wielding motions looking their absolute best.

To cap it all off, the Goddesses each come with an Elemental Spell that is scripted for combat!  The spells utilize the SL damage system and are carefully scripted to give your battle-ready avatar the best performance and most dazzling effects around.  Each spell is crafted with unique statistics that determine their strengths and weaknesses.  You can charge up the spell to make your attack more effective on three levels that balance speed with effect.

Finally, these avatars include an Animation Overrider that will get you started with sensibly fluid animations to put those default animations to rest.  The AO can be changed to include your own additions and subtractions so you can craft your own set of walks, stands, sits, flying animations and more.

All of these options are available as separate items as well, so if you prefer to round out your look with extras, mix and match or just pick and choose, all options are at your fingertips.

All of these items are proudly on display in the newly-opened Mystic Caverns at ~Jeanette's Joint~ where you can explore and enjoy a breathtaking underground experience.  Also, a Combat Cave is accessible where you can take your spells and your "friends" to battle it out in Elemental warfare.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Jeanette Doobie

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