Friday, January 27, 2012

~Follow You~Follow Me~

Welcome to the family, Bit!  Granted, I've seen so many of these little guys around Second Life, it took me ages to actually get around to making one to add to the ~JJ~ product line.  Really, sales and competition are NOT motivators for this item and some folks will probably get the wrong idea and be a little peeved that I have put yet another Bit out there on the SL market.

Nevertheless, I DID!  Ha!  ;)  I couldn't resist and I tried my best to make it as authentic as possible.  Each of the mesh shapes were carefully designed in Blender and imported to SL as a mesh.  So, those of you who do not yet use the mesh-enabled viewers - get with the times!  Grab a copy of a modern viewer and join the mesh crowd.

As expected, this Bit will hover nearby and follow you around answering questions and interacting with chat by responding "yes" or "no" as it sees fit.  The animations are pretty dern close to the movie and the sounds (selectable on/off) are the real thing.  The touch menu (or chat commands) help you control the action just the way you want - and even make Bit follow someone else around - or just have it stay put.

Some nifty scripted features help round out this product and make it stand out.  A wearable Spawner will detect if you are "missing" your bit and rez a replacement for you.  Also, if you and your bit are separated, your bit will self-clean and derez.  The best feature, though, is this item is hooked into the ~JJ~ Auto-Update network.  Anyone who buys this little guy will get free updates for life!

Aside from that, I am still very excited about tomorrow's Boot-up Bash!  Please see the previous blog post about it - and if it is past the date - I hope you didn't miss out!!!!

More updates to come - and believe me, something ELSE big is on the way - a whole new product line with SO MUCH STUFF is just around the ~JJ~ corner!  Tell you more soon.  ;)


Jeanette Doobie

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