Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~A Petite Halloween~

~Greetings from Jeanette~

Once again, I am long overdue a blog update, but here it is!  I have been nice and busy creating experiences for those lovely Petites and things have been going swimmingly at ~JJ~ in all things large and small.

The Newest ~JJ~ Petite Outlet at Fashionista's Haven
I've added new locations and even some fun activities for visitors to the Feature Gallery and our Petite outlets.  Play Bubble Breaker in the main store or slap the Midnight Madness Board there featuring some of the latest and most sought-after Petite fashions and accessories.  We also have one posted at Fashionista's Haven in case you are a mall shopper with a time budget.  :)

So, what's up right now at ~JJ~ that you need to attend to ASAP?  Halloween is coming!  This is the first year Petites will be celebrating the spooky holiday and we plan on doing it in style.  There are several hunts underway right now and parties galore - including daily happenings at Elysian Valley.

~JJ~ has kicked off the season with a special avatar kit perfect for all your creepy gatherings and just to roam around in.  If you have a mod-enabled Petite avatar (currently any available from Yabusaka) you can pick up one or all of the ~JJ~ Petitestuff Zombie kits to transform yourself into the undead lovable Petite you always wanted to be.

The only thing this kit does not include is an animation package (AO) so you may want to surf the Marketplace or search in-world for something of a lumbering gate for your little undead.

There are four different male versions as well as four unique female versions to choose from in this kit.  You get scraggly hair, rotten eyes, grimey clothing, even swarming flies that hover nearby - because you smell really bad!

Not in the mood to dress down for the holiday?  Well, revisit the ~JJ~ The Glamorous Petite to pick up one of the best skins available for Petites (mod-enabled) on the market!  Ladies and Gentleman will adore their high-quality look with the ~Peony~ or ~Saturn~ skin set featuring several options and skintones to choose from.

~JJ~ Petitestuff has tons ~TONS~ of Petite apparel and accessories to choose from.  Check out our locations in-world:

~JJ~ Feature Gallery
~JJ~ at Fashionista's Haven
~JJ~ at Elysian Valley
~JJ~ at Holiday Village Mall

or visit us on the SL Marketplace!

Hope to see you lumbering around the Petite World soon!


Jeanette Doobie

Editor's Note:

What's missing from this blog entry?  Lots of pictures, you say?  You are so right!  Here's the story...

I made the bold switch to Flickr to bring a brand new dimension of showmanship to my in-world catalogs as well as this blog.  After all, the premier photo-sharing site should be a staple for all those who wish to have their images available for all to see.

Not so much.

What I learned is that Flickr is a disaster at every turn.  Not only is the interface the worst you will likely encounter on all of the Web, it serves as the most unreliable image host I have ever used.  My shared galleries worked for a little while then Flickr made some arbitrary decisions to stop that from happening.  And the cycle repeats.

What used to be a page full of snazzy slideshows on this post is now a bunch of links (which are well worth following) and a disgruntled author who will leave it this way in a sad protest but with the promise that the next post will return to the tried-and-true method of uploading the photos directly to this blog and delivering the quality and reliability that Flickr fails epically to bring.

Thanks for your continued support!

~Jeanette Doobie~

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