Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~Get a Little Head~

Greetings again, buds!  So... it has been established that I take ages between posts.  Hey, I'm a busy busy bee and for those of you who frequent ~Jeanette's Joint~ you know it is worth the wait.  A good many things have happened since the last update here.  Many great malls have closed down, taking some ~JJ~ outlet stores with them.  Also, a short-lived expansion to the ~JJ~ Feature Gallery was put up and removed not too long afterward.  Granted, it was gorgeous, but my customers spoke and it was all about making the experience at the main store about finding things more easily and enjoying the trip without being coerced into sight-seeing.  You are so right!  Going to see the sights is one reason to visit a place and shopping is another.  The two are best handled separately.  That is not to say the new store design isn't pretty!  A beautiful and very functional mesh architecture now stands as the main store framework with all of the products grouped in a smart way and easy to navigate and shop like crazy!

The most exciting bit is what the newest line of items to shop for is now lining the walls...

Rigged Mesh Petite Heads!!!!  That's right, friends, ~JJ~ has released its first series of Petite heads, each with a unique look that will take your Petite identity to the next level!  It is a common statement made by so many within the community that Petites are so great because of their "standardization" which allows them to be designed for by so many talented artists and merchants, but one of the biggest complaints is that it is not easy to set one's self apart from the rest because of so few choices that exist for making the actual avatar base stand out with it's own identity.

Of course, many a statement can be made with fashion (or lack thereof) and ~JJ~ has been praised time and time again for the high quality skins that are available for Petites that are able to be modified.  Still, everyone experienced in tweaking SL avatars knows that an individual's looks are dependent on several other factors, one being the "physical" shape of the body and head, particularly the face.  Petites, by nature, give you the ability to make some limited adjustments to the body without a great deal of deviation, but in order to remain stable in the fashion world, the mesh avatar has to be limited in that way.  The head, however, has a lot more room for flexibility - and that's what ~JJ~ is all about with our new products!

As it stands, the only add-on heads that are available are few and far between and only offered by Yabusaka.  At most, they have three expressions and version2 avatars have a Blink feature.  Am I complaining about this?  No way!  They are fabulous!  But choice is very limited and the community seeks a variety to choose from.  I agree - everyone wants to be unique - as they should be - and what better way than to reflect that in the way you look?

One of the best things about the new ~JJ~ Petite heads is that not only are the basic "physical" looks impressive and unique, but each head comes with numerous expressions that can be accessed via the Facial HUD.  Most of the models feature 15 different emotes with an added Blink function for a total of 16 settings to choose from!  Now your Petite can smile, laugh, cry, look confused, angry, sassy and so much more.  No other Petite head features as much expressiveness as these do.

The package also includes a whole host of goodies.  You get a set of skin textures to accompany your head and help you match the body (of a mod-enabled avatar), prim eyelashes, a set of customizable eyes, HUDs to set everything up and even an attachment that you can wear to get your Blink function going without taking up screen space.

Because the items are copy/mod you can apply any Petite skin texture to them.  Since ~JJ~ has a lot of those to choose from, the combinations are incredibly diverse.  The heads work with version1 and version2 type of Petite avatar bodies - and even work with others (non-Yabu) although without the ability to mod the skin of the body, getting a match between the head and the body is very difficult and requires some skillful editing work.  Of course, demos are available for each of the styles so you can grab a free one in-world or snag a L$1 from the SL Marketplace if that is more convenient and try it out for yourself to make sure it is the right head for you.  Try before you buy!

If that weren't enough to get a Petite on track to complete individuality, there is yet another option...

Custom Orders!!!!

~JJ~ Customers can now register to order a custom Petite Rigged Mesh Head from ~JJ~ to their specifications.  Those custom designs can be made available to everyone or purchased as Exclusive so that you can be sure you are a one-of-a-kind Petite!  Registration and information is available in-world at the Feature Gallery.

The new prefab heads are also available at the other ~JJ~ Petite outlets and on the SL Marketplace.

If you have been waiting for your chance to break out of the mold - it's finally here!  I can't wait to see you in your new identity!  Your very own YOU!


Jeanette Doobie

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  1. Hello again, friends...

    The MALE Petite Heads are closer than you might think! At the time of this comment, 1/24/13, the heads are in the final stages of development and should be prepared for release within the next few weeks! That means the guys can also register for CUSTOM heads as well! WOOT! Just a few more bugs to iron out and the boys will have new heads to choose from as well. I look forward to seeing all the new Petite faces around SL.

    ~Love Again~

    Jeanette Doobie


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