Thursday, December 1, 2011

~The Grid~ NOW OPEN at Jeanette's Joint !!!!

That's me marveling at the incredible view!
I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about the opening of a brand new area at the ~JJ~ Feature Gallery!  I have been very hard at work designing the new area and all of the whistles and bells that make it so great.  I plan to keep tweaking it to make it better and better over time, but for the opening, it is amazing.

~What's There?~

Click HERE to teleport to the arenas!

You have your ~JJ~ Premium Combat Disc, right?  Well, now you can come right to the Grid at ~JJ~ to battle it out with friends in arenas designed to work with your discs.  Rez a game grid in either of the available arenas and let the discs fly.  Each arena has a spectator area so those waiting to play can watch the action unfold.  Of course, the arenas are available for purchase, so you can have your own, but this is a great chance to try before you buy.  If you can't or don't want to rez your own arenas, come back here to have your battles.  Arena use is free and availability is usually pretty good!  You will need to bring your own disc with you.

Click HERE to teleport to the club!

This full-featured club is THE place to party on the Grid.  The beautifully-designed atmosphere has a life and personality of its own and it can change its mood on a whim!  A DJ board keeps you in the know of what is playing and who is playing it.  Contests run frequently where you can win Linden Cash, Items or both!  A free gift will be awarded to anyone who donates ANY amount.  What is the gift?  A ~JJ~ Silhouette Dance Orb that always changes to match the mood of the club!  SAWEET!  The animated dance floor is big enough for a crowd plus there is more room on the mezzanine in case the crowds get really huge.  Want to sit this one out?  Take a rest and revive your energy in one of the gorgeously furnished lounge areas.  Got your second wind?  Great!  Then come back out and touch one of the three dance balls (one is synchronous!) and party your glow lines off.  You are also welcome to animate yourself and show off your own moves.

Click HERE to teleport to the RC Experience!

Now there is a spectacular area devoted to your ~JJ~ RC toys.  This zone features three separate arenas where you can set up your radio-controlled devices and have battles with friends or just pilot them by yourself around obstacles and stunt features that keep the fun going and going.  The first arena is designed to work best with your ~JJ~ RC Recognizer.  It is also a great place to put out tanks and have a Paranoids match against your friends.  The second arena is laid out with maze obstacles for the best ~JJ~ RC Tank Program experience around.  The third zone is dedicated to your Light Cycle - split into two joined sections, one for winding track racing and the other for stunt course action.  The lobby sports several vendors where you can buy any of the ~JJ~ RC toys to use in the arenas or wherever you are permitted to rez them.

Click HERE to teleport to the Tech Outfitter!

Shop here for all your Grid apparel needs. This shop features all of the classic LumaTex and DuraTex lines of gridwear as well as the versatile AstraTex and SolaTex outfits.  The store also offers upgrade items, bulk discounts and accessories like the LumaTex and Beam Boots, the Effects Bracelet pack, skirts, belts and much more!  Here, you can also slip into a new shape inspired by the Tron: Legacy film.

Click HERE to teleport to ~JJ~ Tech!

It's time to accessorize and this is the place to do it!  You will find all the best grid accessories here including the low-script ~JJ~ Premium Identity Disc (non-combat), the Pulse Headset, Retro Specs and other cool add-ons perfect to complete your Grid experience in and out of ~Jeanette's Joint~.

Click HERE if you dare!

Have a chat with the MCP!  This interactive behemoth beam can play "yes/no" games with you (if that feature is currently activated) and react to you in chat.  Purchase your own (smaller) version from the nearby vendor and carry the fun with you wherever you go.  Just don't make him angry.  He might slow down your power cycles for you.


There are also teleport stations constructed in opposing areas of the Grid.  You can use them to quickly get from one place to another and save a little time from walking.  Just remember, you can set landmarks anywhere in the Grid, so you can make your own set of teleports to get around where you want when you want.  If you get lost, just find one of the directories that can point you toward what you are looking for.  If you see a billboard with something you want to explore, touch it to receive a landmark for the destination advertised.


At this point, there is no special Windlight setting for the Grid.  However, one simple way to make things look cooler is to set your viewer's time of day to midnight.  This makes ambient lights really glow in vibrant color and makes things more crisp and sleek.

An "official" grand opening has not yet been announced.  That is still in the planning stages.  The idea is to kick things off with a huge party at the club with a DJ and all the trimmings.  Obviously, I'll keep you posted and announce what is happening and when.  In the meantime, the area is open for use and you should stop by and have some fun!  I'd love to see you there!


Jeanette Doobie

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