Saturday, December 31, 2011

~Boot-up Bash~

The time is almost at hand!  The Grid at ~JJ~ is "officially" opening at the end of the month (January, 2012) and we are celebrating with a HUGE party at Club~Rezz!  Here's the skinny:

The Event:
The Boot-Up Bash at CLUB~REZZ!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

3:00 PM - SLT (6:00 PM EST)
7:00 PM - SLT (10:00 PM EST)


YOU are invited to attend the Grand Opening Party at CLUB~REZZ on the Grid at ~Jeanette's Joint~!

The celebration will include four hour-long hosted DJ sets featuring ISO MP3 (DJ) Nagato Yuki.

Hour 1 - Dubstep Doorbuster!  Contest board prizes to include L$1,000 plus the complete ~JJ~ Club~Rezz product line valued at L$970!  Contest is "Best Gridwear".

Hour 2 - Mash-up Mayhem!  Contest board prizes to include L$1,000 plus a ~JJ~ Premium Combat Disc valued at L$325!  Contest is "Best Sci-Fi Outfit".

Hours 3 & 4 - All-Request hours - have the DJ play what you ask for!  Contest board prizes to include L$500 plus any donations made to the prize pot before contest ends!  Contest is "Best Hero Outfit" and "Best Villain Outfit".

Come see the brand new club and check out the amazing new Grid at ~JJ~ "officially" unveiled at this event!  Enjoy the music that will be broadcast throughout the Grid (so you can wander and shop, have disc battles or RC toy matches while still enjoying the atmosphere).

Try out the ~JJ~ Club~Rezz products that work their best by matching the "mood" of the club!  Try out the Dance Orb, get the FREE HUD and Pulse Choker (separate item) or buy any one of the many premium (but affordable) products available in-world or on the SL Marketplace.

I would LOVE to see you there!  Mark your calendar - or join the ~JJ~ Buds group to stay informed and never miss a beat!


Jeanette Doobie

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